Ideas. . .

Have you ever gotten that idea in the middle of the night but you know you need sleep? Or am I the only one this happens to?

I mean I try to roll over, but the idea gets more vivid and my muses and characters get louder . . . it’s like at the point where they are jumping up and down and yelling at me. I write down the idea in a notebook where it gets lost until the morning or whenever I am reorganizing my totes.

I know many of my characters are vampires and ghosts, but do they not know that I need some sleep? LOL.

I keep getting weird dreams and ideas at like two-three in the morning.  It sucks when my family has been encouraging me to have a normal schedule . . . what if night writing schedule is normal for me?
What if I am screwing myself up?  I need to stop with the “what if” and go work on my writing.


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