More questions. . .

I was asked more questions from the other day. . .


For example, the overall tone of Stephen King’s work is dark, usually, and sometimes desperate. Whereas The LOTR books are fanciful and majestic. What’s the overall tone of your work? I write horror, occult, thriller, paranormal, and dramatic . . . My horror work is bloody and dark. My drama is like opera soaps thrilling and unexpected.

Do your personal beliefs tie in a lot?  As for beliefs, some stories and character use my beliefs, but I think that all religions have some truth to them, so there is no wrong or right with my characters. I do research; I believe in many things.

I mean, could you write a character opposite you? Yes, I have several characters that are the opposite of me. They make me think from another point of view.

Someone -while not a villain- you wouldn’t live in real life? I love writing the villains actually. I mean some are evil, but most of them are misunderstood. I love watching shows like “Criminal Minds,” “True Blood,” and “Dexter” for inspiration. I write characters that are not like me many of times.


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