My List of Projects

Projects I want to start

CSC Books 2-8

The Whispering Path (books 2-3)

Note: I am not trying to start any new project until a majority of older projects are finished.

Projects that need to be finished

Driving Lies Part 3

*Short Stories


*Action story for my sick friend (no title yet)

*Dream stories



Projects that need editing and rewritten

Driving Lies Part 1

Driving Lies Part 2

CSC Book 1 Melzela

CSC Book 2 (all parts with “Poe’s” name)

Short Stories

The Whispering Path Book 1


Continuous projects. . .

My web series. (Note: yes, it is written under a different name.)

My blogs.

Supernatural projects




Extra Blog issues

Other projects. . .

Get notebooks typed up. . . I have almost two totes full

*means Top priority and needs to be done first.

I guess I really do have all of my work cut out for me.


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