Shifting Gears

I am very distracted and disillusioned . . . I have been dealing with extreme distractions and health issues. My muses have so many ideas and want to start so many projects and finish so many projects that I am mentally overwhelmed. I also am boy-crazy. (Yes, yet again. . . I really need to stop, but I want to have a guy to cuddle with again.)
I see that so many people have finished their novels or got 50k written this month on one of my facebook writing groups. I barely got 20k written consisted on several different projects. And none of my projects are actually finished. I need to get my big behind in gear. (I am happy that they got stuff finished, but it just shows that are managing their time better, and I feel like a lazy bum.)

I think I am going to limit my Internet time. One hour during the day and on a good, productive day 2-3 hours at night.
The productive writing conditions are . . .

  1. I must write as least 1.000 (1k) of words. (Not from chatting or e-mails.)
  2. I must works on the list of projects (which I will post a link on here once I get all of projects together.)
  3. I want several short stories finished by the end of the month its February 1st and by the 29th (yes its leap year.) want to say I have accomplished something!

I feel bad since I promised a friend a story but he has been so sick and has so much brain damage that I do not know if he would get to enjoy the story –However I am writing it anyway because maybe his mum could read the story to him! His story is one on my top priority list! I will have his story completed by February 29th, and earlier the better, his mum is really worried about his condition. (Yes, he is English.) <– my writing priority list.


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