Oh Look at The Squirrel

My top 5 distractions. . .

  1. com personality questions and personality test. . . I know it’s probably narcissistic, but I like answering questions about myself. I like to know what color or what my person is. . . . To be honest, they are just something to waste your time.
  2. Facebook Games. . . I like candy crush, Dragon City, and Words with Friends. I probably spend 75% more time on facebook.com than I need to.
  3. Experience Project. . . I love to chat. I just wish guys would talk about anything but cheating on their significant others or fetishes. (If they were that significant then you wouldn’t think of cheating, you perverted bastards.)
  4. Random youtube.com and celebrity stuff. . . It’s just me daydreaming. What are really the chances I would meet someone I admire and they would like me back romantically?
  5. . . I have no idea why I have a drive to find someone. I know I am not ready, but yet it seems like every day I am looking at the e-mail for alert saying I have a message and then I hope they are cute and really like me. *

* I am also thinking that personals aren’t that great anymore anyway. . . I just keep finding men that are rude, horny, or both.  I also keep finding men looking for someone to take care of their kids. Or what is worst . . . the scammers. (Are there any cute, decent guys out there, or is the whole damn sea tainted?)


I’m thinking starting Monday, I am not going to use the Internet for a week. I need to focus strictly on my writing. I want to work on several projects and I just keep getting interrupted by the Internet. So I am turning it off, even if I have to delete the Internet password.


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