Word Count Update. . .

Okay over 11 days I have written 7201 words. . .  I should be at 15,070 words written. . . I am less than half. (Actually . . .  48%.)

This makes my averages low. . .

Daily . . . 655 word written (Should be. . . 1370)

Weekly . . .  4585 words written (Should be. . . 9,616)

Monthly . . . 19, 923 word written (Should be. . . 41,667)

Year total would be . . . 239,075 (Should be. . . 500,000)

Not even close. . . My biggest issues are time management, and focus. .. . STOP THE DISTRACTIONS.


The thing is why I am so obsessed with word count is that all the publishers, editors, and most of the groups push the word counts. Many publishers want a novel to be 80k or more. Many editors charge by the word. NaNoWriMo . . . . focus on the word count. It a number to show myself whether or not I have been productive.

However I have been fighting myself lately. . . I know I need to help out with my family. I feel guilt when they are cleaning and I am writing. However if I do NOT write, I feel even worst. I try to write at night and then I get distracted with the Internet. I think I am going to give myself a certain amount of Internet time . . . is there a happy medium?


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