Distract the Distractions


I should be working on a novel or two, but I just have so much in my head. . .

However I have been really distracted by anything and everything lately, especially cleaning and men. I want to write, but I have been lonely. I want someone to be friendly flirty and romantic within. Someone who is concerned about my day. Someone who makes me what to get up every morning to see if there is new e-mail! And I want them to be attractive I guess I am asking for too much!

Internet has been a huge distraction thanks god that I only have 2-3 bars .I need to limit my Internet, but it’s my connection to the world out there! I get distracted by facebook games, experience projects, and

Chores and errands area distraction but I know that that need to be done.

My health has also been a huge issue. My body just wants to sleep. I hate to schedule my life, but I think I need to do so. I think I need to be up by 9 am. . . breakfast, clean litter, shower, dish washer, move around, get some caffeine, write, lunch, errands, dinner, write, chores, and then sleep by 11 or 12. How do I get into this cycle? (more about my health issues on my personal blog http://Beckyms1213blog.wordpress.com).
I want to get out more, I want to do more stuff. . . I feel awful when I fall asleep, and it seems like no one can wake me up. Then life goes on without me. . . I do NOT want that. I want to be in the middle of everything. I wish I never had to sleep. (I would clean, do errands during the day, and write at night.)

Damn, now blogs are even distracted me from getting my rewriting and editing done. . . grrr. It just seems like I am doing anything than what I am supposed to be doing. I need to focus . . . I need drive. I need to get motivated.  At least I got another 340 words written just on this blog alone.



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