My Brain Never Stops. . .

Okay its day 5 and I should have at least 6000 words, I would-be lucky if I have half of that I just need to remind myself that some days even weeks will be better than others –Week is not even over.

I have at least 3 to 6 projects Icon work on . . .

  1. -The Whispering Path Rewrite
  2. -Melinda Rewrites
  3. Davis (Book 2)
  4. -Short stories for my blogs
  5. My diary
  6. Driving Lies


I have a bunch of new ideas and yet I have many projects I know I should finish first-what to do? I also feel like my muses are drooling over guys on the TV instead of working on my inspirations/motivations.

I have been easily distracted-cleaning, family, movies (even the ones I’ve seen 100s of times), friends, exes, and now new guys. (I’ll talk more about those in my personal blog )
I need to stop and focus on my writing. Okay maybe I should start with the character I have a crush on Yes, I have a crush on one of my own characters. The worst part is he is a jerk, but that is part of the crush. I’ll know I’ll never have him but I can imagine and line through my characters.
January I have less than 30 days to rewrite my novel so I can get my free book maybe I should works on Driving Lies book 1 it’s shorter. Damn more projects . . .  my brain never stops, okay tonight is schedule Blogs until 9 and then Driving Lies Book 1.


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