Serious Intentions

I am giving myself a huge goal, and I hope to make this in spite of my health issues and in the spring looking for a part time job.

I want to have a 500,000 word count by December 31st, 2016.

That means

  • A monthly count would be 41,667 words rounded up.
  • A weekly count would be 9,616 words rounded up.
  • A daily count would be 1,370 words rounded up.


This includes everything, lists, e-mails, diary entries, stories, poems, blogs, novels, rewrites etc.

I even wrote 1243 yesterday. I was just 130 short of my daily count.  Today so far I have 170.

The main idea of this goal to try to get me to write at least hour to two hours every day. I know sometimes I will get five minutes to write, while other times I will get hours. However it to make more of my time.

I am so serious about this, I even uninstalled and put my game of Sims away, and the Internet will be limited next if I have to.


3 thoughts on “Serious Intentions

  1. Good Luck… And what sims you got? I can’t have sims on my mac makes it too loud xD So I no longer have that distraction but then I have the distraction of blogging….


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